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Enfant scolarisés aidant leurs familles dans la collecte du lait.

Country: Tunisia

Enfant scolarisés aidant leurs familles dans la collecte du lait.

Petite agriculture et élevage bovin

Country: Tunisia

Petite agriculture et élevage bovin

Sweet life on Twin Cow farm

Country: Malaysia

Twin Cow Livestock in Malaysia looks like a traditional farm with basic infrastructure. But a lot is going on here with feed.

Operating on 50 acres, the farm...

Calf feeding in Belarus

Country: Belarus

A worker feeds a calf at the dairy cattle farm in the village of Yachevo, some 100 km south of Minsk.

Parmesan cheese production

Country: Italy

Workers lift a wrapped cheese from a tank before encasing it in a 'fascera' mould during the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese manufacturing process at Coduro cheesemakers.

Horse milking

Country: Kyrgyzstan

A farmer milking a horse (Jalal-Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan).

Milk packaging

Country: Afghanistan

Afghan employees packaging bottles of milk along the production line of the Dairy And Animal Feed Processing Plant. FAO Project: Irrigation Restoration & Development Project (IRDP) - UTF/AFG/070/AFG and GCP/AFG/046/ITA...

Milk collection

Country: Kenya

Collection of milk by motorcycle, Rongai district, Kenya.

Milk & Methane (sustainable dairy farming)

Country: Pakistan

People are shifting from using cow dung cakes for buring to production of biogas from cattle dung. This is a real time change in their dairy routine. One or two buffaloes...

The daily task of feeding the dairy cattle and milk collection in a village household in Bhabua district, Bihar

Country: India

This my family farm in a small village in Bhabua dictrict, Bihar where cattle rearing is still done in a very traditional way. Though conditions are very poor, small scale...

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