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Feeding system of crossbred dairy cows at urban dairy farm in Jimma town of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.

Country: Ethiopia

Ethiopia holds the largest cattle population in Africa estimated at about 43.1 million heads of cattle, of which 10 million are indigenous dairy cows yielding 3.2 billion liters per year....

Cows Paradise

Country: Armenia

Typical condition in the summer season of highland pastures in the Aragatsotn region (2,200 metres above sea level). Local livestock owners are worried about worsening of pasture conditions and willing to...

Roadside milk selling

Country: Namibia

Traders in Omashikwa buy buttermilk in 25 liter plastic containers and refill them into 2 liter soft drink plastic bottles for selling at roadside stalls.

Awassi dairy sheep

Country: Syria

The fat-tailed Awassi sheep is the main source of meat, wool and milk in Syria. Women are responsible for milking and...

Roadside milk collection

Country: Ethiopia

Smallholder milk producers waiting for milk collectors in around Fitche-Oromia, Central Ethiopia. The formal milk market, sources majority of raw milk from such smallholder farmers. 

Milk evaluation in the Hawrinde Biradam dairy processing unit

Country: Niger

Quality of the milk is evaluated before being filtered, transferred into a cooler and transformed into products.

Nigerella production

Country: Niger

The last steps during the mozzarella (called Nigerella) production in the Hawrinde Biradam dairy processing unit.

Milking a Foulbe (Fulany) cow

Country: Cameroon

Scene of milking a Foulbe (Fulany) cow in North Cameroon

Milk collection in Kazakhstan

Country: Kazakhstan

Small producer still contribute an important share of milk that is marketed

Traditional milking in a pehul village

Country: Niger

Milking is done twice a day in an outdoor area and the milk is collected in a calabash

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