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Horse milking

Country: Kyrgyzstan

A farmer milking a horse (Jalal-Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan).

Milk packaging

Country: Afghanistan

Afghan employees packaging bottles of milk along the production line of the Dairy And Animal Feed Processing Plant. FAO Project: Irrigation Restoration & Development Project (IRDP) - UTF/AFG/070/AFG and GCP/AFG/046/ITA...

Milk & Methane (sustainable dairy farming)

Country: Pakistan

People are shifting from using cow dung cakes for buring to production of biogas from cattle dung. This is a real time change in their dairy routine. One or two buffaloes...

The daily task of feeding the dairy cattle and milk collection in a village household in Bhabua district, Bihar

Country: India

This my family farm in a small village in Bhabua dictrict, Bihar where cattle rearing is still done in a very traditional way. Though conditions are very poor, small scale...

Dépistage des mammites subcliniques

Country: Peru

Sensibilisation des éleveurs d'Ocongate (Région de Cusco) au dépistage de la mammite. Phase de prélèvement du lait.

Refroidissement du lait avant sa collecte

Country: Peru

Une fois prelevé, le lait est refroidi dans le ruisseau voisin en attendant le collecteur de lait.

My calf

Country: Philippines

This is me feeding milk to a calf named Pacquiao.

Jersey dairy cows

Country: Rwanda

Jersey dairy cattle are well adapted to dry areas of the Kirehe region in Rwanda. They are part of an IFAD funded project that is implemented with the techncial assistance...

Milk collection and transport

Country: Rwanda

Milk collection at farm level and transport to milk collection centres provide job opportunities for many persons in Rwanda.

Small dairy units associated with biogas production

Country: Rwanda

One dairy cattle and a calf produce sufficient dung to operate portable biogas digestors (Flexibiogas system ©) able to produce sufficient...

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