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Dairy and Biogas production (part 2)

Country: Rwanda

One dairy cattle and a calf produce sufficient dung to operate portable biogas digestors (Flexibiogas system ©) able to produce sufficient...

Afghan children and men carrying milk

Country: Afghanistan

20 April 2013, Safid Rawan village, Herat province - Afghan children and men carrying jugs loaded with milk on their way to the milk collection center. FAO Project: Irrigation Restoration...

A Karimojong girl milks a cow at daybreak.

Country: Uganda

Milk is an important part of the diet of the Karimojong of northern Uganda. Sale of milk also brings income to families and therefore contributes to supporting livelihoods.

Cattle surveyed in Odisha state during loss assessment from super cyclone Phailin

Country: India

In October 2013 Mayurbhanj Biological Reserach(MBR) carried out loss assesment from super cyclone Phailin. It was found that most domestic animal were dead or lost by flood. The few animals that were left are...

Milking local cows

Country: Sri Lanka

The cow is fixed and milked with the calf standing at foot.

Bulls of the indigenous Sahiwal breed

Country: Pakistan

The Sahiwal is a famous indigenous breed of Pakistan.

Elevage bovin

Country: Benin

Système de production traditionnel des bovins au Bénin.

A dairy farmer and his cow in Guyana

Country: Guyana

A dairy farmer and his cow in Guyana

Transporte regional

Country: Colombia

Transporte y comercializacion del producto

Portrait of a farmer woman

Country: Kyrgyzstan

14 August 2012, Jalal-Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan - Portrait of a farmer woman. FAO Project: UNJP/KYR/005/UNJ - Small-scale community based agriculture to enhance and diversify agricultural production and rural livelihoods. Improved...

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