La production laitière et les produits laitiers


Strengthening Ukraine’s Dairy Sector

Country: Ukraine
Ukraine represents one of the most fertile agriculture regions... [voir vidéo]

Better breeds for better dairying in East Africa

Country: Kenya
This film shares information on efforts by ILRI and partners to improve dairy cow breeds in East Africa as part of the Dairy Genetics East Africa project. [voir vidéo]

Learning on the Milky Way: A study tour to the I.R. of Iran for the Tajik dairy sector stakeholders

Country: Iran
Tajikistan’s dairy sector is faced with increasing competition from imports and an acute lack of high-quality domestically-produced raw milk for domestic agro-industries. As a result, stakeholders across the entire value... [voir vidéo]

Egypt: Dairy Farming in the Nile Delta

Country: Egypt
Egypt is the driest country on earth and with its growing population it is now more vital than... [voir vidéo]

Livestock in Bangladesh

Country: Bangladesh
The video is an interview with a beneficiary of a FAO project. She tells her story of before the project and after, including the what she learnt and what she... [voir vidéo]

IFAD loan helps dairy farmers in Uasin Gishu scale up revenues as milk hawking still persists

Country: Kenya
Production of milk in parts of Uasin Gishu County has improved significantly through the Small-holder Dairy Commercialization Program which helps farmers use modern farming methods to tend to their dairy... [voir vidéo]

Rwanda: Cooking with Gas IFAD

Country: Rwanda
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)- Methane released from cow dung is 22 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. But this very same methane can also be used for good.... [voir vidéo]

Innovation platforms for dairy development in India and Tanzania

Country: India
This animation describes how ILRI-supported innovation platforms have helped to improve smallholder milk production in Tanzania and India through the MilkiT project. [voir vidéo]

Smallholder dairying: better marketing or better feeding - which comes first?

Country: India
This animation describes how the ILRI-supported MilkiT project set up innovation platforms to understand the needs of smallholder farmers' in India and Tanzania to help them better feed their animals... [voir vidéo]

'It's Africa's Time' Season 3 - FrieslandCampina

Country: Nigeria
It’s quite extraordinary that Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa and home to almost 200 million people, does... [voir vidéo]
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