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Livestock in a Changing Landscape

The rapidly changing nature of animal production systems, especially their increasing intensification and globalization, is playing out in complex ways around the world. Livestock in a Changing Landscape offers a comprehensive examination of these important and far-reaching trends and presents new, sustainable, approaches to the challenges created by fundamental shifts in livestock management and production. The two volumes represent an essential resource for policy makers, industry managers, and academics.

Volume 1: Livestock in a Changing Landscape

Volume 2: Livestock in a Changing Landscape

Volume 1, Drivers Consequences, and Responses, examines the forces shaping change in livestock production and management; the resulting impacts on landscapes, land use, and social systems; and potential policy and management responses.

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Volume 2, Experiences and regional Perspectives, examines region-specific contexts in detailed case studies from around the world. It explains how drivers and consequences of change play out in specific geographical areas and how they shape public and private responses.

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