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Electronic newsletter

  • Electronic newsletter 09
    - LEAD Livestock's long shadow, environmental issues and options
    - Livestock impacts on the environment: the challenge is to reconcile demands for animal food products and environmental services
    - Cows, pigs and sheep: Environment's greatest threats?
  • Electronic newsletter 08
    - One World, One Health: Africans' Integrated Approach to Wildlife, Livestock and Human Health Pays Dividends for Conservation and Development
    - Relevance and applicability of the Latin American experience for the development of benefit sharing mechanisms for payment of environmental services at the forest-pasture interface in Southeast and East Asia
  • Electronic newsletter 07
    - Predicting land use dynamics in the neotropics: The role of livestock in the deforestation process
    - Cattle and the Amazon
    - Geographical trends in livestock densities and nutrient balances in South, East and South-east Asia
  • Electronic newsletter 06
    - Paying for biodiversity conservation services in agricultural landscapes
    - Livestock industrialization, trade and social-health-environment impacts in developing countries
    - Key Performance Indicators for LEAD Virtual Centre
  • Electronic newsletter 05
    - Maasai agriculture and land use change
    - Current livestock and environment interaction in Kazakstan
    - Voices from the field: Silvopastures and Conservation in La Esparza
  • Electronic newsletter 04
    - Livestock, environment and food security
    - Livestock and wildlife in pastoral systems of East Africa: inevitable conflict or unexpected synergy?
    - Workshop report: Agrotourism in Colombia
  • Electronic newsletter 03
    - Cattle and Amazon deforestation
    - Environmental services in silvopastoral systems
    - Success story: Managing Risk in Unpredictable Environments
  • Electronic newsletter 02
    - GEF project to support cattle rearing that heals, not hurts
    - Black soldier fly and others for value added manure management
    - Success story: Ecotourism may provide potential for Gambia
  • Electronic newsletter 01
    - Wild birds in Latin American pasturelands
    - Livestock and gender: a winning pair
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