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Newsletter 06

Paying for biodiversity conservation services in agricultural landscapes

Adoption of improved silvopastoral practices in degraded pasture areas is thought to provide valuable local and global environmental benefits, including biodiversity conservation. Can payments for environmental services tip the balance towards a greater adoption of silvopastoral practices?


Livestock industrialization, trade and social-health-environment impacts in developing countries

The world is entering a period of rapid change in how animal products are produced, processed, consumed, and marketed. Increasingly the trends that have been observed in developed countries-scaling-up of production and increased concentration of large-scale operations with increased environmental problems are becoming apparent in the developing countries.


Key performance indicators for LEAD Virtual Centre

The 2003 study on "FAO's Dissemination and Communication" that reviewed the achievements of the information systems since FAO Web site was launched, showed that the LEAD Virtual Centre has established itself as one of the most successful web sites, if not the "single" most successful Web site in FAO. The study analyzed statistics held by an independent firm "WEBTRENDS" from 1994 till May 2003.


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Paying for Biodiversity Conservation Services in