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The livestock sector has far-reaching externalities that give rise to various environmental impacts at local, regional and global scales.

The rapidly expanding livestock sector driven by increasing demand, for livestock products coupled with structural changes, is exerting massive pressure on local and global natural resources resulting in environmental problems in the form of land degradation, resource pollution (land, water and air), biodiversity loss, and emissions of greenhouse gases.

In addressing livestock-environment interaction issues, the Livestock, Environment and Development (LEAD) Initiative has focused on four interrelated thematic areas:

  • the role of livestock in deforestation
  • the role of livestock role in dryland management
  • the role of livestock in  pollution of air, water and land  resources
  • the role of livestock in climate change

The Initiative’s work in these 4 thematic areas has laid an important foundation in terms of addressing livestock and environment interactions at global, regional and national scales. 

The LEAD Initiative has provided direct support towards the development of institutions and technical expertise through the development of pilot research and development projects and programmes, design of specific tools to facilitate decision-making as well as provision of technical assistance in policy formulation, development and application of novel concepts.

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