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Area-wide Integration pilot projects

These pilot projects were designed to test a holistic approach Area-Wide Integration (AWI) which looks at the possibilities for developing policies and technologies for a better distribution of livestock production as well as minimizing polluting factors from production systems mainly through recycling of nutrients. The pilot projects were implemented in two phases in China, Viet Nam, Thailand and Mexico over the period 2001 to 2003 and provided the scientific rationale and laid the foundation for the preparation and implementation of a full-fledged regional project.

Major outputs:

  • quantitative and qualitative assessment of the negative impact of the concentration of industrialized livestock production on the environment
  • development of tools and methodologies e.g. nutrient calculation model and GIS model for spatial planning of livestock and crop production
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  • capacity building among scientists on nutrient calculations, use of GIS for spatial planning and livestock waste management
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  • awareness raising on issues related to livestock-environment interactions related to industrial livestock production