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Livestock Development Planning System

The Livestock Development Planning System version 2 (LDPS2) is a personal computer based planning and training tool designed for livestock development planners. It aims at supporting decision-making in livestock development planning.

LDPS2 helps to:

  • identify and quantify the herd/flock composition and size required to meet the given demand of meat and milk
  • identify and quantify the feed and livestock constraints in meeting demand
  • assess various livestock development programmes or projects on different scales (farm, watershed, region, country)

Main features

LDSP2 is a spreadsheet-based application with 3 main calculation components:

  1. The Demand driven component calculates the size, composition and feed (energy and protein) requirements of the livestock herd with a given demand for production and parameters concerning productivity. In addition to meat and milk production, LDPS2 also calculates production of hide/skins, wool/hair, manure and draught power supply.
  2. The Herd growth component calculates the growth of herds with their base year structure and investigates the severity of the “growth constraint” on reaching the desired production demand.
  3. The Resource driven component figures the size and composition of a herd and possible production quantities with available feed resources.

Feed resource inventory

Feed resource inventory defines the types and extent of available feed resources. These are allocated to production systems either by the user or automatically, using default values.

Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity analysis tests the results by changing parameter values

LDPS2 has calculation routines for dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goats, buffaloes, pigs and poultry, and up to four production systems can be modelled for each species.

The user can apply LDPS2 at both farm and national level.

English and French versions are available.

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