the agricultural metadata element set project (AgMES)

The Agricultural Metadata Elements Project was set up to promote the use of metadata in description of all agricultural information resource types. Using semantically meaningful metadata elements and schemes will make it much easier to share and find information about Agricultural resources. AgMES works closely with ontologies, in the effort to promote mutually agreed norms, vocabularies to control the content of some of the metadata terms defined in AgMES.

The project AgMES defines elements, qualifiers, encoding schemes and controlled lists that are generic yet deemed necessary for the description of agricultural resources. The project recommendations take into account the proposed elements of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) as a starting point. More about the AgMES project ...


July 2005

Technical Guide on encoding your Publications metadata

This document provides detailed technical information for converting bibliographic data from local databases into valid AGRIS DTD compliant XML records. The process that is to be carried out is, to some extent, complex. However, the result will benefit the Institutions and Centres that produce bibliographic data of agricultural content, in the conversion to XML data that can be disseminated to and harvested by the AGRIS XML repository. The XML repository is aggregated, maintained, organized and made available via the Internet1.

The main purpose of this guide is to facilitate the conversion process thorough step-by-step instructions and to provide a list of common pitfalls.

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