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  • AGRIS Virtual Annual Conference 2021

    Register HERE for the AGRIS Virtual Annual Conference 2021 The conference will be held online on Thursday 1 July, 13:00 to 16:00 CEST. Interpretation will be provided in the six official FAO languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish

  • AGRIS Data Release May 2021

    123 852 new records were added to the AGRIS collection, which is now indexing 12 293 097 bibliographic references. This monthly update includes records from the following data providers from 18 countries: Jomard Publishing, Azerbaijan BIOFIX Scientific Journal, Brazil Instituto de Pesquisa e...

  • AGRIS user guide now available in Romanian

    The Romanian translation of “AGRIS, the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology” (FAO, 2020) has been published on the FAO Document Repository and also made available on the AGRIS website. This user guide has been compiled for both for users of and contributors to AGRIS...

  • AGRIS in the news - Pushing the boundaries of FAIRness!

    Pushing the boundaries of FAIRness! FAIR Data. Open Data. Open Science. Metadata. These are concepts and principles familiar to those who work with data, particularly those who specialize in knowledge sharing and making vital research widely accessible and usable. However, those who benefit from...