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قاعدة البيانات

تلعب الزراعة الإيكولوجية دوراً مهماً للمساهمة في القضاء على الجوع والفقر المدقع وإنها تمثّل وسيلة لتسهيل الانتقال إلى نظم غذائية أكثر إنتاجاً واستدامة وشمولاً. وتشكّل التوعية بالزراعة الإيكولوجية ومزاياها خطوة مهمة لمساعدة صانعي السياسات والمزارعين والباحثين على تطبيق هذا النهج للقضاء على الجوع في العالم.

وتوفّر قاعدة البيانات نقطة انطلاق لتنظيم المعارف المتاحة عن الزراعة الإيكولوجية وجمع المقالات وأشرطة الفيديو ودراسات الحالة والكتب وغيرها من المواد المهمة الأخرى في مكان واحد. ويتمثّل الهدف منها في دعم صانعي السياسات والمزارعين والباحثين وغيرهم من أصحاب المصلحة المعنيين من خلال تبادل المعارف ونقلها. وإن قاعدة البيانات "نهج حيّ" يتم تحديثه باستمرار.

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Gender related content
An international research team from the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health, within the Cyprus University of Technology and Emory University published the results of the ORGANIKO randomized clinical trial about the organic diet impact on children’s health. The aim of the trial was to investigate whether a...
دراسات الحالة
The seminar entitled “Agroecology for organic farming'' launched by the Italian center of the Italian Association of Agroecology (AIDA) will take place on Friday 15 November in the Aula Magna of the School of Agriculture of the University of Florence.  A wide range of participants from different sector as the University of Florence,...
The increasing demand for more nutritious and safe food in Asia is creating both market opportunities and challenges for organic farmers. Obtaining access to this market requires certification, and many smallholder farmers lack the capacity to differentiate their organic products from the conventional products. This prevent smallholder farmers from profiting...
Cambodia - Lao People's Democratic Republic
Over the last 25 years, the process of domesticating culturally-important, highly-nutritious, indigenous food-tree species. Integrating these over-looked ‘Cinderella’ species into conventional farming systems as new crops is playing a critical role in raising the productivity of staple food crops and improving the livelihoods of poor smallholder farmers. This experience has important...
مقال في مجلة
To address the issues of food insecurity within the context of land degradation, extreme poverty and social deprivation, this review seeks first to understand the main constraints to food production on smallholder farms in Africa. It then proposes a highly-adaptable, yet generic, 3-step solution aimed at reversing the downward spiral...
مقال في مجلة
Sustainable Intensification is especially important in Africa where the need is greatest. We present eleven targets for action, paying specific attention to the needs of poor smallholder farmers in Africa. We describe multi-cropping systems integrating new crops developed from culturally-important traditional food species that intensify and enhance the productivity of...
مقال في مجلة
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