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Agroecology plays an important role in contributing to the eradication of hunger and extreme poverty, and as a means to facilitate the transition to more productive, sustainable and inclusive food systems. Creating a greater awareness of agroecology and its advantages is an important step to help policy-makers, farmers and researchers to apply this approach to achieve a world without hunger.

The database provides a starting point to organize the existing knowledge on agroecology, collecting articles, videos, case studies, books and other important material in one place. The objective is to support policy-makers, farmers, researchers and other relevant stakeholders through knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer. The database is a ‘living process’ that is constantly being updated.

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6 French farmers from the Agr'eau Network tell us about their farm in this video, produced by AFAF agroforesterie. Agroforestry, soil conservation, the reintroduction of animal husbandry on a grain farm, feeding the herd 100% on grass, are all virtuous practices implemented by these farmers.
To create more consistent livelihood opportunities, FAO is working through the Blue Hope Project with local associations, including women clam collectors, in the coastal areas of Tunisia to boost sustainable eco-tourism. Encouraging tourists to take an interest in the unique way the local communities gather fish and cook with it will boost...
Diversified farming systems are proposed as a major mechanism to address the many sustainability issues of today's agriculture. Multi-species livestock farming, i.e. keeping two or more animal species simultaneously on the same farm, is an option that has received little attention to date. Moreover, most studies of multi-species livestock farming...
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In the midst of climate emergency and a global coronavirus pandemic caused by ecological destruction, a Ugandan Indigenous community is demonstrating the vital contributions African indigenous people can make to planetary health. This film from the Gaia Foundation, the Natural Resources and Development (ANARDE), the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) and...
This document are the conference proceedings of the meeting lead by the Alliance for Agroecology in West Africa (3AO) on 27-29 January. Farmers and peasant organizations from across West Africa joined forces with international development agencies and research centres gathered to give impetus to a growing agroecological movement in the...
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Seizing this displayed political will, different actors in agroecology ncluding farmers, grassroots community organizations, communities organizations, non-governmental organizations, researchers and private companies have decided to come together in one framework to contribute to the reflections of the State of Senegal on the question of the agroecological transition. Referred to as "Dynamic for an AgroEcological Transition...
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