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Agroecology plays an important role in contributing to the eradication of hunger and extreme poverty, and as a means to facilitate the transition to more productive, sustainable and inclusive food systems. Creating a greater awareness of agroecology and its advantages is an important step to help policy-makers, farmers and researchers to apply this approach to achieve a world without hunger.

The database provides a starting point to organize the existing knowledge on agroecology, collecting articles, videos, case studies, books and other important material in one place. The objective is to support policy-makers, farmers, researchers and other relevant stakeholders through knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer. The database is a ‘living process’ that is constantly being updated.

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Agroecology potentially offers a sustainable path to agricultural development as it integrates ecological principles and social and economic concerns into agri-food systems. While many descriptive studies have documented the experience of farming communities using agroecological approaches, evidence on social and economic indicators of agroecology is poorly documented in a quantitative...
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The short film “What is Agroecology” won the Global Youth Video Contest on Climate Change - TVEBioMovies 2019, co-organized by the GEF-UNDP Small Grants Programme, and the secretariats of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and the Convention on Biological Diversity. The film...
El Programa Producción Sustentable de Alimentos en Periurbanos constituye una política pública que promociona la reconversión productiva de las áreas periurbanas de Municipios y Comunas de Santa Fe en Argentina (tanto en producciones de tipo intensivo como extensivo) considerando los aspectos ambientales, sociales y económicos de los procesos productivos. Se busca potenciar los...
With the help of multiple partners, FAO has developed a global analytical framework for the multidimensional assessment of the performance of agroecology: the Tool for Agroecology Performance Evaluation (TAPE), which aims to: · Inform policy makers, development institutions, and other stakeholders by creating references to the multidimensional performance of agroecology and...
The organic food and farming movement defends a transition to agroecology as the direction for the upcoming Commission’s “Farm to Fork” strategy. In a new paper on agroecology, IFOAM EU emphasises to consider organic and agroecology through their synergies, common principles and drivers. IFOAM EU’s vision of agroecology is based on the...
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The Italian Network for Local Food Policies is being promoted by a group of academic, scientific and independent researchers, from different Italian cities engaged in multiple ways in research activities related to "local food policies".The Network proposes to focus research efforts towards the transformation of the food system and the...
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