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Agroecology plays an important role in contributing to the eradication of hunger and extreme poverty, and as a means to facilitate the transition to more productive, sustainable and inclusive food systems. Creating a greater awareness of agroecology and its advantages is an important step to help policy-makers, farmers and researchers to apply this approach to achieve a world without hunger.

The database provides a starting point to organize the existing knowledge on agroecology, collecting articles, videos, case studies, books and other important material in one place. The objective is to support policy-makers, farmers, researchers and other relevant stakeholders through knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer. The database is a ‘living process’ that is constantly being updated.

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Global and national food systems are a major driver of loss of natural resources and likewise threatened by climate change impacts. However, there is considerable potential to foster (climate) resilience through a transformation towards sustainable food systems. Agroecology and other related systemic approaches provide guidance and options for such. FAO, Biovision and World...
Brazil - Togo
The Nicaraguan Institute of Agricultural Technology, in collaboration with the FAO National office in Nicaragua, presented a conference on “Permaculture, agroecological strategies and food security”. The conference was held on 30 November 2020 as part of a series of events aiming at capacity building of rural extensionists and at raising...
In Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), there is a generation of chefs that promote sustainable agriculture through a link between smallholders and gastronomy. In 2007 they founded the Instituto Maniva, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to connect the two separate worlds of consumption and production. They started visiting different farmers at their...
Food Policy Forum for Change is pleased to invite you to the side event of the Third global conference of the Sustainable Food Systems programme on Stimulating markets for agroecology through public policy on Wednesday 2 December 03:30 - 4:15 PM CET. The creation of markets for agroecology is a key action...
Over several months, a broad range of experts, policymakers, and practitioners held a series of consultations to explore agroecology's contribution to innovative and transformative climate change adaptation responses. This paper culminated in the process, which sought to develop a collective understanding of agroecology's role in climate change adaptation and craft...
Policy brief/paper
Food and agriculture have always been a central battleground for the deployment of new technologies. The power vested in technology to transform the global economic system has never been greater. The exponential technological changes ushered in by the so-called fourth industrial revolution can upturn all economic sectors, including food and...
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