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AgroecologyLex is a specialized database on different legal frameworks, policies and programmes concerning agroecology in different countries. It was created in coordination with FAOLEX, which is the largest database on policies and legislation related to agriculture and renewable natural resources in the world.
This database is constantly updated. The information provided by the database allows users to have the complete text of the document as well as a detailed abstract of the contents, focused primarily on the purpose and specific objectives, institutional frameworks and main forms of support, in order to support transitions from conventional agriculture to agroecological approaches.

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Law No. 8.171 on agricultural policy.

This Law establishes an agricultural policy framework, and regulates sylvo-pastoralism and other agricultural activities. It also defines agricultural environmental activities. Chapter I lays down all activities regulated by this Act; Chapter II lists administrative organization requirements; Chapter IV agricultural research; Chapter V technical assistance and rural...
1991 (2016)

Agrologists Act.

The present Act aims to regulate and define the legal regime of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists. The document defines membership, governing bodies and powers of the Institute. Among others, the Institute is entitled to subscribe, apply or guarantee payment of money for advancement of agricultural...
Canada (Manitoba)
1988 (2020)

Agricultural and Land Management Law.

The purpose of the present Law is to promote agriculture and forestry in such a way as to fulfil within the global economy their basic functions for the general well-being. The tasks of agriculture and forestry are, inter alia, the production of healthy food in sufficient...
Germany (Baden-Württemberg)
1972 (2015)

Regional Decree No. 45 validating the Regulation on national park “Chavash Varmane”.

This Regional Decree establishes that national park “Chavash Varmane” shall be a complex multifunctional research and production association of a new type, performing research, protection of nature monuments and environment, educational, tourist and pilot economic activities based on the possession, management and disposal of natural resources...
Russian Federation (Chuvashia)
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