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AgroecologyLex is a specialized database on different legal frameworks, policies and programmes concerning agroecology in different countries. It was created in coordination with FAOLEX, which is the largest database on policies and legislation related to agriculture and renewable natural resources in the world.
This database is constantly updated. The information provided by the database allows users to have the complete text of the document as well as a detailed abstract of the contents, focused primarily on the purpose and specific objectives, institutional frameworks and main forms of support, in order to support transitions from conventional agriculture to agroecological approaches.

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Regulation No 7 of 2015 on the implementation of measure 10 "Agroecology and Climate" of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

The Annex is also part of this publication (list of habitats and species). ...
2015 (2015)

Stratégie nationale de transition écologique vers un développement durable 2015-2020.

Quant aux modalités de suivi et de mise en oeuvre de la SNTEDD 2015-2020, chaque ministère, notamment via la contribution du comité des hauts fonctionnaires au développement durable, participe. L’animation de ce réseau est assurée par le Délégué interministériel au développement durable. ...

Estrategia Nacional de Biodiversidad y su Plan de Acción Nicaragua 2015-2020.

Dado que estas metas y acciones estratégicas deberán ser implementadas por diferentes instancias, el Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales en su calidad de Institución rectora del manejo de los recursos naturales, deberá establecer un Sistema de Monitoreo y Seguimiento, con la finalidad de sistematizar...

National Strategic Plan for the Development of the Organic System.

The Plan has a general objective (to develop the national organic system as a whole) and defines three specific objectives: (a) strengthening of the production phase; (b) strengthening of supply chains; and (c) strengthening of the biological system. Ten strategic actions are identified, as follows: (1)...

National Strategy and Action Plan on Animal Genetic Resources of Turkey 2015 - 2020.

Related institutions and organizations shall prepare annual reports regarding their activities. Information and data tracking system for animal genetic resources will be used in the reporting process. The progress will be evaluated to determine necessary actions for the next policy (2020 – 2025). ...

Organic Action Plan for Denmark.

The following measures will be taken to build more inclusive and efficient agricultural and food systems: The government will promote exports of organics; support more organics in public food purchases; promote the organic food brands; promote sales on organics in Denmark; push public kitchens to go...

Zimbabwe’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) Submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

As for the Governance, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate as the National Focal Point on Climate Change, is mandated to guide the nation’s compliance in all multi-lateral environmental agreements, including INDC. In this regard, the Ministry shall work in constant liaison with the Office...

National strategy for agriculture and rural development for the period 2014-2020.

The text is divided into 3 Chapters, each with own thematic sub sections. The titles are: Agriculture, rural environment and policies State support in the Republic of Macedonia (1); Development goals, policies and measures for the period 2014-2020 (2); Implementation of the national strategy for agriculture...
North Macedonia

Ley Nº 27.118 - Ley de reparación histórica de la agricultura familiar para la construcción de una nueva ruralidad en la Argentina.

En lo que respecta a procesos productivos y de comercialización, las acciones y programas se orientarán a incrementar la productividad y competitividad, enfocándose en la conservación y mejoramiento de suelos y demás recursos naturales, con métodos sustentables, priorizando las prácticas agroecológicas a fin de preservar, recuperar...

Decree No. 12.431 establishing the Programme for Agroecology in the State of Paraná.

This Decree, consisting of 8 articles, establishes the Programme for Agroecology in the State of Paraná. This Programme aims at promoting and supporting integrated actions for the implementation, consolidation and expansion of production and consumption systems based on principles of agroecology in Paraná. Instruments of cooperation...
Brazil (Paraná)

Ley VIII Nº 68 - Ley de Fomento a la Producción Agroecológica.

La presente Ley tiene por objeto fomentar el desarrollo de los sistemas de producción agroecológica en la Provincia de Misiones, mediante la regulación, promoción e impulso de actividades, prácticas, procesos de producción, comercialización y consumo de alimentos saludables con sostenibilidad ambiental, económica, social y cultural, teniendo...
Argentina (Misiones)

Loi n° 2014-1170 du 13 octobre 2014 d'avenir pour l'agriculture, l'alimentation et la forêt.

Cette loi instaure aussi un registre des actifs agricoles où est inscrit tout chef d’exploitation agricole. ...

Decree No. 8.293 amending Decree No. 7.775 regulating the Programme for Food Acquisition (PAA).

This Decree amends Decree No. 7.775 regulating the Programme for Food Acquisition (PAA). Amended articles deal with administrative and legal proceedings related to the above mentioned Programme. It specifies requirements to benefit from such food acquisition programme, such as: object, quantity and specification of the products;...

Decree No. 51.617 regulating the State Policy on Agroecology and Organic Production and creating the State Programme of Agroecology (PABE) and the Management Committee of the State Policy for Agroecology and Organic Production and the PABE.

This Decree, consisting of 21 articles, regulates the State Policy on Agroecology and Organic Production and creates the State Programme of Agroecology (PABE) and the Management Committee of the State Policy for Agroecology and Organic Production and the PABE. The State Policy is integrated and articulated...
Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul)

Law No. 14.486 creating the State Policy on Agroecology and Organic Production.

This Law, consisting of 9 articles, creates the State Policy on Agroecology and Organic Production. This Policy is an instrument for promoting sustainable development in order to support and encourage agroecology and organic production systems as well as agroecological and organic transition. The State Policy shall...
Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul)

Biodiversity Strategy Austria 2020+.

Field of Action 3 lays down provisions relating to reducing pressures on biodiversity. This Field is divided in 4 targets as follows: Target 6: Energy supply is biodiversity-friendly; Target 7: Pollution is reduced; Target 8: Negative impacts of invasive alien species are reduced; Target 9: Incentives...

Law No. 20.922 on the State Policies on Forestry and Biodiversity Protection.

This Law, consisting of 8 Chapters, divided in 127 articles, establishes the State Policies on Forestry and Biodiversity Protection. These policies establish the requirements to be met in order to perform forestry and biodiversity protection activities in light of a sustainable use of natural resources within...
Brazil (Minas Gerais)
2013 (2017)

NTON 11 037-11: Norma Técnica Obligatoria Nicaragüense sobre caracterización, regulación y certificación de unidades de producción agroecológica.

La presente Norma Técnica Obligatoria Nicaragüense tiene por objeto establecer las directrices y procedimientos para la caracterización, verificación, regulación y certificación de unidades de producción bajo el enfoque agroecológico. ...

Law No. 12.805 creates the National Policy for Livestock, Agro-forestry and Sylvo-pastoralism (ILPF).

This Law creates the National Policy for Livestock, Agro-forestry and Sylvo-pastoralism (ILPF). This Programme aims at: improving in a sustainable way productivity, quality products and agro-forestry income generating activities, through the application of exploitation integrated systems, livestock and forestry activities in deforested areas, as alternative to...

Administrative Regulations of the Baingol Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture on construction farmland shelter forests.

The content of farmland shelter forest construction plan should include farmland shelterbelt construction, management, forest fire prevention and pest control and so on. The plan should be coordinated with land use planning, water conservancy planning and electric power planning (Art. 8). For farmland and orchards that...
China (Inner Mongolia - Nei Mongol)
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