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منصة المعارف عن الزراعة الإيكولوجية

Third Venezuelan Congress on Agroecology, 17-19 October

08/10/2019 - 

The Venezuelan Association of Agroecology (AVA) is a broad group, made up of social organizations, farmers, academics, and other associated actors interested in contributing to the transformation of food systems, towards food sovereignty from an agroecological perspective.

The Congress will take place in Caracas during the 17 and 19 of October. In its third edition, the Venezuelan Congress of Agroecology raises the need for the meeting of the different popular and institutional actors, all, to learn more, analyze, articulate policies and promote, together, the strategies that are allowing the territorialization of agroecology, from diverse contexts, urban and rural, as well as from the field of practices, relevant knowledge and collective dynamics as a movement.

The main goal of the Congress is to generate collective strategies to build a national agroecological movement, focused first on providing solutions to the current tensions that affect the national agri-food system, with emphasis on local knowledge in favor of food sovereignty, and second, on the construction of new horizons of combat for life, in favor of other possible worlds of greater social and political equality.

The specific objectives are the following:

• Promote the encounter of popular experiences, which seek answers to the current food difficulties in the country (from the land to the palate).

• Determine the key factors that allow the establishment of agri-food systems that fully protect the life and health of the planet.

• Within the framework of the Homeland Plan, collectively build the strategies that will cope with the tensions, temporary and historical, that threaten our social, economic, natural and territorial systems.

• Collectively build Agroecological Networks from the territories, articulating with Communal, Communal Councils, Popular or Social Movements and other forms of organization, urban and rural, that allow the articulation of a coherent and powerful national agroecological movement.

The III Venezuelan Congress of Agroecology seeks to empower from and among the people, to disseminate knowledge, to make visible what is being done, to systematize and to establish an approach with all people and popular forces interested in this issue, with the idea of ​​building a strong National agroecological movement, with international articulations. It is expected that this will be a space to reveal protagonists and social forces, which from the communities are carrying out various agroecologies and also to promote collective proposals and networks from the rural and urban sectors. It is intended to promote and to strengthen popular forces for the construction of movements with a transformative praxis. It is for this reason that the call for this edition of the congress is open, inclusive and, where possible, free; awaiting the participation of students, farmers and farmers, peasants and peasants, indigenous people, conuqueros, comuneros, huerteros, researchers and researchers, teachers, innovators and innovators, popular technologists and technologists, cooks and cooks or gourmets, communities in general and members of popular food and agroecology organizations or movements, rural and urban, national and international, that with their work and contributions are incorporated into the various activities proposed in this congress.

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