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First Chilean Conference on Agroecology, 17-18 October in Chile

26/09/2019 - 

The First Chilean Congress of Agroecology, organized by the University of La Frontera and the Chilean chapter of the Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology (SOCLA-Chile), will be held at the Pucón Campus of the University of La Frontera during the 17 and 18 of October 2019. Under the slogan "Agroecology: Transcending practices towards food sustainability", this event will feature guest speakers from the United States, Switzerland, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay and Chile. The organizers want this congress to be a meeting place for agroecological knowledge generated from different perspectives and people: scientific-academic, technical-professional, farmer-peasant and political-activist.

The thematic areas in which the congress will focus correspond to the following:

-Agroecological Practices and Management
-Policies and Rural-Food Development
-Feminism and social movements
-Agricultural / food systems, Society and Environment
-Agroecosystems and Ecosystem Services

Dr. René Montalba, president of the organizing commission, stressed that this Congress is proposed as a different instance of the classic disciplinary scientific meetings. In fact, “since the very essences that make up Agroecology as the 'transdiciplinary critical science', 'proposed sustainable technical-productive 'and' agrarian-food social movement ', make it a space of confluence for scientists from the most diverse disciplines, fields and types of knowledge; agricultural producers and producers of various scales and professionals linked to the production, distribution and / or consumption of food; decision makers of various organizations, as well as politicians and activists linked to social movements or agrarian and food processes ”

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