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El ministro Persaud se reune con su homólogo de Trinidad para incentivar el comercio de productos agrícolas
Fecha de publicación:24/03/2011
País: Guyana
Fuente: Ministerio de Agricultura

Agriculture Minister, Hon. Robert M. Persaud met with Trinidadian Minister of Food Production, Land & Marine Affairs, Hon. Vasant Bharath, in Port of Spain, Trinidad, to discuss outstanding agricultural trade issues as it relates to Guyana's agricultural produce getting greater access to the Trinidadian market.

Minister Persaud discussed a wide range of issues including the supply of rice and other agricultural produce from Guyana. 

He also met with importers of rice and other agricultural produce.  During the meeting with the importers issues such as the request by the Trinidadian authorities for the removal of pineapple crowns from pineapples and the stems from peppers before they are shipped to Trinidad were raised.  Removal of the crowns and stems from these products shorten their shelf lives, and makes them deteriorate faster.  The Trinidadian authorities have given a commitment to address these issues.

Trinidadian businessmen also expressed an interest in sourcing beef and mutton from Guyana.  Minister Persaud told the businessmen that these two products are part of Guyana's agricultural diversification programme.  He informed the meeting that Guyana was certified Free of Foot and Mouth Disease (without vaccination) from the OIE (International Office of Epizootics) and that Guyana is ready to export beef and mutton to Trinidad.  Since 2006, Guyana has facilitated three teams from Trinidad to visit and inspect the facilities in Guyana.  Guyana currently exports beef to Grenada.

In December 2006, Minister Persaud had written to then Trinidadian Agriculture Minister Jarrett Narine seeking greater access to the Trinidadian market.  As a result of subsequent interventions by Minister Persaud, the list of admissible produce from Guyana to Trinidad increased from 6 to 22 (inclusive or rice, rice products and wood).

During the meetings Minister Persaud also discussed the possibility of further investments in Guyana by Trinidadian businessmen including the sourcing of copra and establishment of an oil mill in Guyana.  Coconut water is currently being bottled in the Pomeroon by a Trinidadian firm for the Trinidad & Tobago Agri-Business Association (TTABA).

The Guyana Marketing Corporation, Guyana Rice Development Board and the Guyana Non-Traditional Exporters Association will be following up on the issues discussed.

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Publicado por: Ministerio de Agricultura