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Jamaica, líder de producción de azúcar en el Caribe
Fecha de publicación:16/04/2011
País: Jamaica
Fuente: Go Jamaica

The Sugar Association of the Caribbean says Jamaica led the production output in its member states last month.

Jamaica came out ahead of Guyana, Belize and Barbados.

According to the Association, Jamaica produced 31,581 tonnes of the sweetner ahead of Guyana with 22,332 tonnes.

Belize followed with just over 18,000 tones, while Barbados had half of that amount.

Meanwhile, the Association says Jamaica, Guyana and Belize have been allocated additional quotas by the US Department of Agriculture.

They are expected to deliver the additional sugar by September 30 this year.

Karl James, the Chairman of the Sugar Association of the Caribbean says with the Euro performing ahead of projections, member countries could see greater returns from exports to the European market.

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