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La Feria Nacional de Agricultura y Comercio fue un éxito
Fecha de publicación:03/05/2011
País: Belice
Fuente: LoveFM

The 42nd annual National Agriculture and Trade Show was a complete success according to the National Committee. Chairman of the Committee Eugene Waight says they are satisfied with the turnout.

Eugene Waight – Chairman, NATS Committee

“On Saturday we estimated about 9,000 which is about a thousand more than 2010 and for the Sunday we were just almost 15,000 persons were out on the showground that again is comparable to the year before. We were very happy with the turnout. We expected a little less persons because of the crisis situation and just coming out of the Easter. We hope to generate some funds of course. We use the funds generated to improve the showgrounds, if you have noted over the years we have built some benches. Last year because of Richard we had a lot of the booths blown down so we need to do repairs. I am more than sure that whatever we make will not be enough to do the repairs for the infrastructure that we would like to but we would try to use the money strategically to do some of the improvements that we have set forth to get done.”

Despite the huge turnout, Waight says they encountered challenges along the way but they will work on solving those problems for next year’s event.

Eugene Waight – Chairman, NATS Committee

“The challenges were parking and people squatting in front of other people who had permanent booth or had paid for a spot. We always say the show takes on a life of its own when it has started, sometimes if you don’t get to some of the squatters on time it is a challenge to move them even with the police. That would be two of the areas that we really need to work on for next year in fact I already have some concrete ideas to the committee that we will be working on this year to ensure that it is reduced. One thing I did not mention during the interviews is that we were very glad that the weather cooperated with us. It wasn’t extremely hot, it was relatively windy and today we have a lot of rains in Belmopan so I think we were very lucky and blessed.”

It is estimated over twenty four thousand persons visited the show grounds over the three day event.

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