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Primeros resultados del Programa de Agricultura Urbana
Fecha de publicación:08/07/2011
País: Belice

Six months after the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries introduced the Urban Agriculture Program in South side Belize City, families have been able to literally reap the fruits of their labor. These backyard vegetable gardens have been the foundation for which over fifty five families, approximately three hundred residents have benefitted. An award ceremony that marked the completion of phase one of the productive cycle was held this afternoon at the Cumberbatch Field.

Rene Montero- Minister of Agriculture & Fisheries
"By developing your productive capacity, you the participants of this program have succeeded in producing highly nutritious vegetables that have enable you to improve the nutritional status of yourself and your family. For the last six months you have taken additional responsibility and have responded positively and demonstrated that with determination you can become productive members of our society."

Ina Iris Sanchez – Coordinator, UAP
"The urban agriculture program reaches out to the residents of Southside Belize City with planting material, seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, equipment and technical assistance for the installation of productive home gardens. Today we acknowledge the efforts of the beneficiaries who have remained on the program since its inauguration.”

Throughout the first phase, the estimated harvest figures show over nine hundred pounds of tomatoes, 330 pounds cucumber, 250 pounds of sweet peppers, 120 okras and large amounts of cilantro and habanero pepper. It is the hope of the Ministry to extend the program to other parts of the city and across the country.

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