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Productores de arroz en Belice denuncian los retrasos en sus pagos
Fecha de publicación:27/10/2011
País: Belice

Chairman of the Toledo Rice Beans and Corn Production Association Dennis Usher, says farmers have not been receiving their payments for rice delivered. Usher said payments to the farmers ceased since Tuesday of this week. Usher says that both milpa and mechanized farmers have not been receiving any payments. He adds that the situation is currently affecting all of the Association’s registered members, which is over one thousand four hundred farmers. Managing Director of the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation says that the payments were not made due to administrative delays, but the payments were eventually processed around midday today. In reference to the payments of fifteen cents per pound of rice paddy to Milpa farmers, Mai says that figure is not paid in general to all farmers. The payments vary according to the quality of the product being delivered. In addition, he says this is the first payment being made to farmers; the other fifty percent of the payments will be made at a later date. The BMDC is also securing payments to be made to mechanized rice farmers.

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