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Guyana quiere impulsar la exportación de pescado a gran escala
Fecha de publicación:28/05/2012
País: Guyana

The Agriculture Ministry is working to create a balance between inland and marine fishing, so as to increase production for large scale export. This is according to Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy who noted that for Guyana to become net exporter of fish it must increase its local production.

Dr. Ramsammy believes Guyana is well positioned to build its export industry, aside from its Traditional produce. He pointed out that focus is being shifted to diversification, as he noted that Guyana has become an important exporter of fish. “When I speak of an increase in production of fish export overtime, what I’m looking for is the increase in the production of fish through aquaculture” Dr. Ramsammy said.

The Minister says the ministry is seeking to preserve marine stock by reducing the number of fleets for marine fishing, since stock will eventually lower if this continues, “the reason for that is that we have to be cognizant of preserving our stock, if we over fish we’ll have a problem, in the early years there was no attention paid to that”.

Minister Ramsammy noted that the ministry is working with fishermen and fishing fleets the drastically reduce the chances of over fishing. Last year fleets were to be reduced by 12, which did not materialize, however Dr. Ramsammy says half of that amount will now be reduced from operations and the companies have already been identified. The Minister said this move will help to increase fish production as Guyana and build the export industry.

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