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Jamaica invertirá en la mejora de la red viaria para beneficio de la industria azucarera
Fecha de publicación:16/01/2014
País: Jamaica

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Roger Clarke, says the Government, through the Ministry, hopes to allocate another $600 million under the Cane Roads Rehabilitation Project, to repair more roads serving cane producing and dependent communities.

This provision would serve to further boost rehabilitation work, currently being carried out at a cost of $404 million, on more than 44 kilometres of cane roads in St. Thomas, St. Catherine, Clarendon, Westmoreland, and Trelawny, which commenced in 2013.

Speaking at the official opening of the newly renovated Toll Gate community centre and sports complex in Clarendon recently, Mr. Clarke underscored the importance of implementing the cane road rehabilitation project in order to improve the conditions under which cane is transported to the sugar factories.

The repairs are being financed through grant funding provided by the European Union (EU) Accompanying Measures for Sugar (AMS) Protocol, and implemented by the Ministry’s Sugar Transformation Unit (STU).

The protocol seeks, among other things, to provide significant benefits to stakeholders in sugar producing communities.

Notable among these is the barracks relocation project, which targets the relocation of over 800 sugar workers from their current dwellings on the estates, deemed less than ideal for habitation, and resettling them in some 400 housing solutions. This development is being undertaken at a cost of over $1 billion.

Work is also being carried out on basic schools, health and sports facilities, and water supply systems serving sugar-dependent communities.

Renovation of the Toll Gate community centre and sports complex was undertaken at a cost of approximately $22 million, provided  by the EU.

The project, which was also implemented by the STU, was executed by the Sports Development Foundation (SDF) and entailed construction and improvement of a multi-purpose court, playfield, and community centre, installation of perimeter fencing, and acquisition of equipment for property maintenance.

The Water Well sports complex at Race Course, in Clarendon, is also slated for renovation at a cost of approximately $17.9 million, to be financed by the EU.

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