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Producción alimentaria estrechamente relacionada con la de Venezuela
Fecha de publicación:14/04/2011
País: Trinidad y Tobago
Fuente: Newsday

The agricultural sector in Venezuela is facing similar challenges as in Trinidad and Tobago. Both nations are in the process of restoring food production on vast areas of unproductive lands; seeking alternative animal feed sources to combat the escalating global prices of feed and food security is also high on the agenda of both nations.

Ambassador Marcano used the opportunity to share information about the agricultural sector in Venezuela with the Food Production Minister, concerning Fisheries Policy, Food Safety, Agriculture and National Security Issues. She believes the continuous exchange of information will be of mutual benefit to both nations.

Minister Bharath reassured her he would continue to engage in dialogue as he remains fully committed to improving relations between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela for the development of the Agriculture and Fishing Sectors in both nations.

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Publicado por: Newsday