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Equipo de bombeo desecará más de 3 000 hectareas de tierras agrícolas
Fecha de publicación:24/06/2011
País: Guyana
Fuente: Ministerio de Agricultura

Over 7,000 acres of farmlands to be drained – as $60M Cane Grove pumping station commissioned

Government as part of its continued efforts to improve the lives of farmers, and drainage and irrigation facilities across the country has been investing massive sums into the sector which is extremely important to the livelihoods of many and the country’s economy.

            Another attestation of this drive for betterment was seen this evening when a $60M pump was commissioned at Cane Grove, a thriving farming community on the East Coast of Demerara.

            The project falls under the Agricultural Support Services Programme financed by the Government of Guyana and the Inter-American Development Bank and is part of an overall project for the rehabilitation of pump stations at Golden Grove, Victoria and Mahaica.

            Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud in his address stated that this project is a realisation of the Government’s part that a lot has to be done to fulfill promises made to farmers, since it allows for the draining of just over 7,000 acres of farm land in that location, evidence of Government’s understanding of climate change and the need to have effective and efficient drainage and irrigation systems across the country.          

            He stated that the vast output of rice, moreso the fact that Guyana has achieved the highest ever production for rice, which is 200,000 tonnes tells that the Government has placed considerable emphasis, not only on farming or farmers, but also on the infrastructure that comes along with farming, such as proper drainage and irrigation, so that in the rainy season farmers would not lose crops due to flooding.

             It is therefore important for farmers and all stakeholders to care such investment that the Government has undertaken, he stated.

            Government remains committed to ensuring that the necessary investments are made to guarantee the traditional sectors of its national economy are enhanced and sustained. Further one can trace not just development but the period of growth in agriculture, to moments where the present administration has been in government, and therefore it is safe to say that the development and prosperity that farmers see are a direct result of the current Administration’s continued efforts to enhance the agricultural sector, he said.       

            Government has spent $161,420,000 to rehabilitate the Golden Crove, Craig Milne, Victoria and Cane Grove pump stations to facilitate drainage and irrigation of farm lands on the East Coast of Demerara, since during the rainy seasons they are hard hit by flooding and as a result, the country is affected in fulfilling its market demands.      

            At present rehabilitative works are being conducted at Vergenoegen/Bonasika, Den Amstel/Fellowship, Vreed-en-Hoop/La Jalousie, Canals Polder, Crabwood Creek, and Black Bush Polder. This programme sees the rehabilitation and construction of a total of 360 structures.

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Publicado por: Ministerio de Agricultura