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Guyana coopera con Suriname para la cría de ganado
Fecha de publicación:18/06/2011
País: Guyana
Fuente: Ministerio de Agricultura

Four breeding sheep exported

Today the first shipment of four sheep, all of breeding age, to Suriname was realized with the animals having gone through the full gamut of procedures related to health, the Ministry of Agriculture reported in a release.

Guyana wishes the Surinamese farmers rapid success in the efforts to produce high quality mutton.

As the only English and Dutch speaking countries respectively in South America, Guyana and Suriname have been collaborating in supporting each other’s Livestock programme. It has been long recognized by developing countries that crossing appropriate breeds with indigenous breeds bring tremendous gains in terms of other desirable traits.

The most recent cooperation between Guyana and Suriname allowed for the movement of pure bred pigs. These have been utilized in reinvigorating the pork industry in Guyana. The communication links through roads, rivers and at the institutional level between the Ministries of Agriculture have facilitated fruitful exchanges, all of which have been beneficial to farmers.

For several years, Guyana has been engaged in cross breeding work in sheep utilizing imported as well as  local breeds of sheep to improve on parameters such as meatiness, lambing capacity, feed conversion, heat tolerance and growth rate and its success has been visible and  farmers have been responding positively in adopting the animals being produced.

 Indeed the demand for Guyana’s improved breed of sheep has far outstripped its capacity to supply. In the market place, mutton consumers too are demonstrating strong support for the product.

Guyana’s work in sheep production has witnessed modest progress but has also captured the attention of farmers in Suriname who have expressed an interest in procuring breeding animals from Guyana.

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Publicado por: Ministerio de Agricultura