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El Ministerio de Agricultura de Belize anuncia la creación de un Comité para garantizar la disponibilidad de azúcar en mercados locales
Fecha de publicación:25/07/2011
País: Belice

The Ministry of Agriculture today announced the appointment of a Marketing Committee charged with ensuring the availability of sugar on the local market. According to a government press release, the new committee will work with the Belize Bureau of Standards and other relevant authorities to ensure that there is a year round supply of sugar to consumers. Among the initiatives being put in place immediately includes the implementation of controls from the primary supply source with a priority to supplying sugar to legitimate business operators and industrial users. The records and patters for current distributors, both wholesalers and retailers will be analyzed to verify sales patterns within the local market and to identify possible options for re-distribution to ensure consumers are able to get sugar. The government statement also says that BSI is being instructed to stop the sale of sugar to distributors, wholesalers and retailed who refuse to submit sales records or whose sales records cannot satisfactorily account for the sale or distribution of sugar. The Marketing Committee will also be liaising with the Customs Department to identify and penalize those persons who are engaged in the illegal cross-border trade of sugar into neighboring Mexico and Guatemala. The government statement says that reliable sources indicate that the scarcity of sugar on the local market is the result of cross-border trade where sugar prices are lucrative in Mexico and Guatemala. The Belize Bureau of Standards is asking the general public to assist in reporting the identity of those individuals or entities engage in the transportation of sugar across our borders. The Bureau’s Consumer Protection hotline is: 0-800-283-5587. Members of the new Marketing Committee include representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and the Belize Sugar Industries Limited.

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