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El Gobierno de Haití fija el precio de los fertilizantes agrícolas
Fecha de publicación:28/06/2012
País: Haití

The Haitian government and a group of local importer of fertilizers, have signed an MOU to set the price of fertilizer. Thus, the bag of fertilizer for farmers, should not exceed 900 gourdes and the sulfate 550 gourdes. To arrive at these prices, it's about 260 million gourdes, in subsidy, hat the Government will out of state coffers...

Thomas Jacques, the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development explained "[...] The Government had decided to make a big effort for the recovery of agricultural production, and it made his contribution so that the price of fertilizer, which was 1500-1600 gourdes, depending on the places, is since the signing of this MOU, of 900 gourdes maximum. This means that from today, on the whole territory of the Republic of Haiti, Pont Sondé, Croix-des-Bouquets, in the Soutt, Jérémie... regardless the location, ertilizer prices will not exceed 900 gourdes. With the exception of the price of sulphate which may not exceed 550 gourdes.

This is a big decision that the state has taken to help relieve farmers. Today, following this first agreement that I made with local importers, the Ministry will go into all areas of productions to broadcast and publicize this information [...]

Agents will be identified: associations or credible traders, who agree to undertake to sell the fertilizer to the price fixed by the State [...] we will, in collaboration with the Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of the promotion of the peasantry [Marie Mimose Félix], send agents, that will go into all areas of production, in all markets to ensure that the decisions I have just taken, are respected. We will take all legal measures against all those who violate these prices [...]"

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