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Haití recibe asistencia de Taiwán para el desarrollo del sector agrícola
Fecha de publicación:24/08/2012
País: Haití

Agricultural programs of Taiwan in Haiti include among others the development of an efficient rice production and provide technical assistance to help farmers reduce food shortages in various sectors. The program of rice cultivation [30,000 hectares] was launched in 2008. Subsequently, Taiwan introduced the TCS 10 rice variety in Haiti and helped to improve farming techniques and irrigation, informed Sunday Carlos Hsiang, head of the Taiwan agricultural mission in Haiti.

Managed by the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund, the four main programs also offer assistance and expertise to help farmers to grow fruits and vegetables and raise chickens. Located near the capital Port-au-Prince, the vegetable and fruit production project has enabled some 80 farmers to improve their farming techniques, informed Yang Feng-hsu, project Director, adding that the agricultural mission had also successfully grew guavas, wax apples and egg plants and provided as many as 60,000 seedlings to local farmers.

Regarding the chicken breeding program, which aims to reduce the dependence of Haitito imports, Kuo Yu-liang, director of this program, explained that the objective is to raise 180,000 chickens per year, in the South of Haiti and raising to 18 percent the locally produced chickens. In addition to agricultural programs, Taiwan has also financed and built the "Village of Hope" [opened last Saturday], which includes housing for 200 families, a primary school and other facilities over an area of ​​300 hectares, suitable for agriculture.

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