AgroNoticias Latin America & The Caribbean

The Agronoticias project, which is part of the collaboration of the World Bank and FAO, started in July 2009, and ever since then has continued to grow and consolidate as a current reference of the agricultural sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With an initial goal of facilitating access to information and relevant agricultural news to policy makers and  investment projects managers. Agronoticias has been adapting to the needs of its users. Tools such as a specialized Website, a Twitter channel and  two applications for mobile electronic devices IOs and Android have had an impact on information accessibility for the farmers of the region. Monthly Newslettters are published (click to subscribe to the Newsletter) in English and in Spanish twice a month, covering the most relevant news and topics from that period.

The Multimedia section on the web includes videos, documentaries and interviews on the work of national governments, FAO, the World Bank and other specialized agencies in the region. With the Experts In Action section, Agronoticias aims to showcase the specific work that the World Bank and the FAO’s Investment Center technicians carry out in the field, supporting the formulation, implementation and evaluation of investments in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Countries section, finally, presents links to country profiles as published by FAOSTAT.

All these activities and many more can happen thanks to a team of people who work or have worked on the project leaving extremely rich contributions, most of which have made Agronoticias a highly valued regional reference.

· Management - TCIC Heads of Service: Mohamed Manssouri (today); C. Gregorio; S. Raswant; C. Falconi

· Management and supervision: María del Mar Polo (2009-today)

· Communication and information management: Jordi Vaque (2016); D. Díaz (2013-2015); T. Baldassarri

· Other specializations: C. Gañan (2015); B. Jordán Vicente (2015-2016), D. Navarro (2012); B. Amado (2012);

· Graphic design and communication material (Mouse mat; Annual calendar; Brochure; Posters; logo agronoticias): K. Flores; C. Giustozzi; Roberto Jiménez; Argentinian

· Design and development of mobile applications: Massimiliano Martino (2013-2014); Giovanni Scarrone (2014)

Equally recognized are the people who work with Agronoticias from the Regional and National Offices of FAO in Latin America and their Communicators Network; the Communication Division of FAO (OCC); the FAO Information Technology Division (CIO) and the FAO Technical Departments.

In addition, and in order to guarantee a participatory, updated and complementary approach to other initiatives, the Agronoticias team works to maintain and establish a network of contacts and coordinators within the Ministries of Agriculture and other regional institutions of the associated countries.