• AGRIS in 2020

    AGRIS increased the collection to more than 12 million records from 450 data providers from 150 countries, and the number of visits reached 25% more than 2019. The new website has also become a key element for the promotion and accessibility of AGROVOC at Publications FAO. 2020. AGRIS, the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology. Rome AGRIS has...
  • AGROVOC in 2020

    This year has been an important one for AGROVOC. With over 38,100 concepts and 800,000 terms in 40 languages, AGROVOC continues being the most popular thesaurus in food and agriculture, but also covering all FAO’s areas of interest. AGROVOC has received over 34 million visits in 2020, 60% more than 2019. I am also delighted to announce a list of new publications related to AGROVOC. Special thanks...