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FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean


If the issues of hunger, human rights and development interest you, you may be interested in working for FAO.

Human resources are essential to FAO. The Organization employs more than 1800 Professional staff (including Associate Professional Officers and National Professional Officers) and over 1800 support staff.

FAO operates five Regional Offices, ten Sub-regional Offices, six Liaison Offices and 74 Country Offices, in addition to its Headquarters in Rome.

Vacancies at FAO Offices in Latin America and the Caribbean

TitleTypeGradeDuty StationIRC NumberDeadline
Internal AuditorProfessionalP4Santiago, ChileIRC56611534716000
Policy Officer (Indigenous People And Social Inclusion)ProfessionalP2Chile, SantiagoIRC56591534975200
Operations OfficerProjectP3Various duty stations IRC56791535320800
Human Resources OfficerProfessionalP4Chile, SantiagoIRC56801535493600

Please note that you can find more vacancies at this link.