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Escritório Regional da FAO para a América Latina e o Caribe

Week of Agriculture and Food: Future challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean

Buenos Aires, Argentina .
20-11-18 - 23-11-18

Rural societies and the agri-food sector are the scenarios where the vast majority of the environmental, social and economic goals of the Sustainable Development Goals must be achieved. Without the rural and agri-food world, there will be no sustainable development. But to achieve those goals, rural societies and the actors of the agri-food systems of Latin America and the Caribbean must undergo profound transformations.

The Week of Food, Agriculture and Rural Development in Latin America and the Caribbean will be a great regional forum for the exchange of experiences, dialogue, learning and the construction of agreements between different actors to advance towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in the rural world and in the agri-food sector.

The first version of The Week will be convened jointly by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Government of Argentina through the Ministry of Agribusiness. FAO and the Government of Argentina are inviting a group of around 25 entities from different sectors to organize specific activities of the agenda (side events), and/or sponsor a number of participants. These entities will be recognized as co-sponsors of The Week.

The Week will invite authorities and officials of the governments of the region, leaders of civil society organizations and social movements, businesspersons, academics, managers and experts of multilateral organizations.

The Week’s program has been structured around four themes: (i) food systems and the paradox of obesity and hunger in the region; (ii) effective strategies to eradicate the scourge of extreme rural poverty and move towards sustainable rural development; (iii) the challenges of resilient rural societies and a new agri-food economy adapted to climate change; and (iv) the technological challenges of the future in agricultural and rural development.

The program includes plenary sessions (approximately 400 participants), semi-plenary sessions (200) and parallel events (40 people, on average). The plenary and semi-plenary sessions will take place on the mornings of the four days of the event (November 20 to 23), and the parallel sessions on the afternoons of the first three days (November 20 to 22).

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