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La FAO en Amérique latine et aux Caraïbes

FAO and Government of Trinidad and Tobago renew their commitment to sustainable development

After 56 years of joint work, the new FAO office in the country will prioritize sustainable management of fisheries, forestry and agricultural resources, as well as the development of more and better work opportunities for rural youth.

April 2, 2019, Port of Spain. The Regional Representative of FAO for Latin America and the Caribbean, Julio Berdegué, chaired the opening ceremony of the organization's new office in the country, with the presence of the Representative of FAO in Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname, Reuben Robertson, and the Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Clarence Rambharat.

"We received this new house as a sign that we must not only renew but double our commitment to achieve sustainable development for this beautiful nation, a task that can only be carried out through the partnership with the Government, civil society and the private sector, "said the FAO Regional Representative.

During the inauguration, Berdegué spoke about the agency´s areas of work in the country, among which he highlighted the sustainable management of fisheries and forest resources. "44% of the land of Trinidad and Tobago is covered by forests and, in the last 25 years, the agricultural sector has increased its emissions of greenhouse gases by 34%. We cannot tolerate these numbers. Reversing this situation before it becomes critical is urgent to face the consequences of global climate change. "

He also highlighted the area of ​​land governance, considering that the country of Tobago ranks 50th in the most densely populated countries in the world. "We can ot afford a system of inefficient land governance that generates the inevitable conflicts that arise when many people are forced to share a very small space."

In line with the Sustainable Development Goal of eradicating hunger and malnutrition, the Regional Representative emphasized the need to strengthen the production and availability of healthy foods in order to reverse the numbers of obesity in the country, which reach almost 50% of the population.

Finally, the spokesperson for FAO in Latin America and the Caribbean highlighted the need to move towards inclusive prosperity, generating more and better job opportunities for rural youth.

The current Country Programming Framework, which defines the expected results of the work between FAO and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, prioritizes four areas of cooperation for the next three years: Food and Nutrition Security; Food Safety, Quality and Certification Systems; Sustainable food systems; Management of natural resources, disaster mitigation and resilience .

Currently, 12 projects are operational in the country, including the Improvement of the management of forest and protected areas in Trinidad and Tobago; Sustainable management of bycatch in Latin America and the Caribbean for trawling; Sustainable processing and development of value chains for root and tuber crops.

In the coming days Julio Berdegué will also visit Suriname, where he will meet with the Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries, Lekhram Soerdjan, and of Land Management and Forest Resources, Roline Samsoedien, followed by a visit to Guyana.


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