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The recently held WECAFC’s 17th Session in Miami, USA from July 15-18 2019 achieved a major breakthrough in the transformation of the Commission along with members endorsing prominent instruments and making recommendations to further the regional governance of fisheries.
Experts from Microsoft, Huawei and Telefónica, agricultural NGOs and representatives from governments and International Organizations will participate in the FAO rural innovation seminar in Uruguay.
The training workshop, the first of its kind in Barbados, will be conducted by Mr Gustavo Wicki, an Aquaculture Engineer who holds a Masters in Aquaculture and is Chief of Argentine National Aquaculture Center (CENADAC) in Argentina.
The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) of the Caribbean are vulnerable and susceptible to natural disasters, and while some islands have experienced increased flooding due to rise in sea levels and, recurrent droughts and the increasing presence of sargassum seaweed, the common thread of destruction continues to be that of hurricanes.
South America hosts the majority of the undernourished due to the decline of food security in Venezuela, says new UN report.
Más de 50 participantes formaron parte del encuentro celebrado en Brasil
The WECAFC Commission established in 1973 serves primarily to promote effective conservation, management and development of living marine resources throughout the Western Central Atlantic region.
New report forecasts 22 % growth for crops, 16% growth for livestock products and 12 % for fish production over the coming decade, while cereal production will slow down.
Migrantes retornados de Estados Unidos a Usulután, El Salvador, encuentran oportunidades de reinserción productiva con el apoyo de la FAO
How the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) and the strengthening of legal forest production will improve food security in Guyana?
During the 9-month training, farmers received critical information on cassava development including the latest information on varieties and yield-boosting production technologies as well as on consumer and market potential for cassava and its by-products.
Para fortalecer las alianzas y coordinación con socios estratégicos de la cooperación internacional
Promotores de la iniciativa chilena fueron distinguidos con el galardón Jacques Diouf por su importante contribución a la seguridad alimentaria mundial.
FAO Director General stresses importance of investing in the poor as the way to achieve sustainable development
The Meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Suriname and was be followed immediately by the 4th Meeting of the Project Steering Committee of the project "Disposal of Obsolete pesticides including (POPS), Promotion of alternatives and Strengthening pesticides Management in the Caribbean".
FAO and the the Inter-American Development Bank team-up to support
According to Dr. Renata Clarke, FAO’s Sub-regional Coordinator, “most people spend very little time thinking about food safety unless there is a crisis or a scandal of some sort.
The Port State Measures Agreement’s rapid adoption is a critical boon for global efforts to safeguard global marine resources and achieve food security
With an international meeting in Rome, the United Nations launched the Decade of Family Farming, a sector that employs more than 60 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean
Queen Conch is the second most important fishery in the wider Caribbean basin with significant landings that support the consumption needs of local communities and provide a livelihood for fishers through national and internationally trade.
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