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The fastest man in the world asks "to run together for a world without hunger"

"Healthy food system, healthy diet, healthy life. Run with that!", said legendary sprinter Usain Bolt in his message to the FAO Regional Conference.

"Let's race together for a hunger-free world", said Usain Bolt.

March 8, 2018, Montego Bay, Jamaica - Usain Bolt, the fastest man who has ever lived, joined the global fight against hunger, inviting  everyone to "race together for a hunger-free world"

The legendary sprinter sent a video message to the participants of the Regional Conference of the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), which is held in Jamaica, Bolt's home country.

The Jamaican sportsman asked that everyone "race" tointo food systems, diets and healthy lives. "

The video was shown yesterday at the Regional Conference, during an act that commemorated the fifteen countries of Latin America and the Caribbean that completed 40 years working side by side with the FAO.

Improve food systems for a healthy life

"Healthy food system, healthy diet, healthy life. Run with that", said Usain Bolt in his message to the Regional Conference.

The athlete's appeal to the international community responds to the critical moment for food security that Latin America and the Caribbean is goint through.

For the first time in two decades, hunger has increased in the region, reaching 42.5 million people, while obesity has become an epidemic that affects 96 million adults.

The solution to both problems is to create - as Usain Bolt pointed out - healthy food systems, which not only produce food, but nurture people.

The Regional Conference of FAO, which culminates today, is a key place to generate these changes.

Throughout the week, FAO has created agreements with indigenous peoples, development banks and with partners such as Mexico, with whom FAO created a fund for adaptation and resilience to climate change in the Caribbean countries.

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