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SAMAP Completed the Signing of Fifty-One Grant Agreements with Farmers

Farmers from nine districts signed grant agreements with FAO/SAMAP to benefit from the opportunities for agriculture development. The Suriname Agriculture Market Access Project (SAMAP) strengthens the capacity of farmers, farmer organizations, and agribusiness by providing grants to improve agriculture quality production and facilitate their market access. The Matching Grant Facility (MGF) supports small-scale farmers and agribusiness development in Suriname with production and/or processing equipment. In total 68 grant agreements were approved in the first call of proposals and USD 911,624.72 have been awarded.

Farmer of Saramacca, Ricky Kartodikromo

Small and large grants will support farmers and agro-processors with highly-complex and sophisticated equipment such as food processing lines to small agro-equipment such as water pumps for irrigation, two wheel-tractors, brush cutters, sprayers and other minor tools supporting activities along priority value chains: fruits and vegetables, roots & tuber crops and non-timber forest products (NTFP).

Shendy Kasanmoenadi, a farmer of Commewijne, who is very proud that his application was approved, says: “The implementation of my project is an expansion of vegetable cultivation in this area. I can provide enough cucumbers and eggplants for my neighborhood.”

Preparations for the second call of proposals have already started. SAMAP is preparing a robust capacity building program to increase the participation of more farmers in Suriname. More information will be broadcasted via local media.  

“The first generation of matching grants will pave the road for all other projects to come” – says the Erick J. Zeballos, Chief Technical Advisor van FAO / SAMAP –.

Lesley Pocornie, a farmer of Saramacca who signed his agreement with FAO/SAMAP last week: “Beautiful things are really going to happen now. My father would be very proud of me.”

The Suriname Agriculture Market Access Project (SAMAP) aims at increased, more competitive and safer production of selected crops / value chains (particularly fruits & vegetables, roots & tubers, and Non-Timber Forest Products) through an enabling environment and enhanced capacities of private sector and institutions.

FAO/ SAMAP is an initiative of the government of Suriname led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, and implemented by the Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations with resources from the European Union.