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FAO offers free online course on sustainable management of natural resources for family agriculture

Based on the lessons learned from the "Cultivating Good Water" program of the Brazilian company ITAIPU.

Small farmers can benefit from this s

Santiago de Chile, March 22, 2018 - FAO offers a free online course on integral management and responsible use of natural resources, as well as good practices for production of family farmers.

The online course teaches concepts and methodologies for sustainable management of natural resources, and is based on self-learning, which means that each student can access the contents at their own pace. It will be available till March 2019.

Offered by the of  Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, the course is based on the experiences and lessons learned from the "Cultivating Good Water" program that the ITAIPU company carries out in Brazil and has replicated in Paraguay and Guatemala.

The course is tailored for people and organizations interested in implementing programs for sustainable management of natural resources, or developing sustainable production in family farming,  forestry, aquaculture and fishing systems.

The training has a total workload of 40 hours, and includes aspects such as the state of family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as technologies, research and good practices on sustainable management of natural resources.

Students can learn new tools and methodologies to develop socio-productive models that include planning and territorial management necessary for the sustainability of the production of goods and services of family farming.

Cultivating Good Water Program

The FAO course is based on the Cultivating Good Water program, developed by ITAIPU, distinguished  by the United Nations in 2015 as one of the best in the category "Water, source of life".

This program worked to promote the conservation of the Paraná river basin, stimulating equitable social development and poverty eradication.

Cultivating Good Water involves more than 2,000 partners whose work to incorporate sustainable development practices and promote integrated watershed management methodologies.

Based on the experiences of this program, the FAO course will allow participants to acquire a holistic vision of sustainable management of natural resources, and implement socio-environmental actions.

To participate in the course, it is necessary to create an account in the Public Policy Training Nucleus of the FAO Regional Office. If you do not have an account yet, you can follow this enrollment tutorial.

To register and get more information about the contents, you can access the following link.

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