FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

FAO-ECLAC Newsletters -Analysis and responses of Latin America and the Caribbean to the effects of COVID-19 on food systems

Bulletin N° 11
Bulletin 11: Impacts and opportunities in fresh food production
Bulletin N° 10
Bulletin 10: Food consumption patterns and malnutrition
Bulletin N° 9
Bulletin 9: How to reduce food loss and waste
Bulletin N° 8
Bulletin 8: The opportunity for digital transformation
Bulletin N° 7
Bulletin 7: The role of social protection measures
Bulletin N° 6
Bulletin 6: Contingency plan for an eventual food supply crisis
Bulletin N° 5
Bulletin 5: Impact and risks in the labour market
Bulletin N° 4
Bulletin 4: Health risks, safety of workers and food safety
Bulletin N° 3
Bulletin 3: Risks threatening international trade
Bulletin N° 2
Bulletin 2: How to increase resilience
Bulletin N° 1
Bulletin 1: A first look at impact, and country response