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El ordenamiento territorial rural se presenta como una herramienta importante para que los países fortalezcan la seguridad alimentaria de todos sus habitantes, permitiéndoles conciliar el desarrollo económico con las distintas formas de ocupación territorial. Esto requiere integrar de forma sustentable las actividades económicas, la preservación ambiental y la diversidad cultural, contribuyendo a la gobernabilidad en los territorios y a dar respuesta a las problemáticas de la gente.

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The ultimate overall purpose of this manual is to ensure that Jamaican farmers become less vulnerable, more resilient and better able to cope with the changes that climate change will bring to their farming production methods. The impact that climate change currently brings is already making farmers more vulnerable and putting them more at risk to the negative effects of increased periods of drought, wind damage and hurricanes, possible flooding events, deforestation and soil erosion. Ensuring that all farmers not only learn about, but implement, the best mix of land husbandry methods for their own farms is not just optional,...

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The purpose of this document is to provide a practical tool to train and build human capacity in the Caribbean sub-region in the practice of rainwater harvesting. Application of rainwater harvesting techniques will produce measurable improvements in livelihood and household food security, generated by access to reliable water resources for irrigation. The document is targeted to agricultural smallholders operating on two hectares of land or less, as well as backyard gardeners and school gardening projects. It describes simply, but carefully the relationships between plants, soil, water, climate and rainfall, and on-farm rainwater harvesting. The document uses calculations and tables to...

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