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FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Alliance Rural Governance

Today there is a profound imbalance between the transformations that rural areas require in the region and the institutional architecture that countries have to promote these changes.

Environmental challenges and the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) require a profound change and the urgent inclusion of rural communities under a new institutional design.

The main objective of the Alliance will be to elaborate proposals that will strengthen the governance and institutional architecture of the countries of the region, especially those of the Ministries of Agriculture and their executing agencies.

In the short term, its members will create a set of proposals, solidly supported and endorsed by the region's leading experts, and will provide support and technical assistance to countries in order to promote the necessary rural reforms.

It is composed of 22 experts and is coordinated by FAO and the Institute of Political Science Hernan Echevarria, ICP of Colombia.