Resistencia a los antimicrobianos

Quiénes somos

FAO works on AMR through an multi-disciplinary working group under the responsibility of the Chief Veterinary Officer and brings together FAO officers from Animal Health, Animal Production, Codex Alimentarius Secretariat, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Food Safety, Plant Production and Legal Office - both at Headquarters and decentralized offices.


Lejeune, Jeff

Food Safety

Battaglia, Daniela

Animal production, nutrition and feeding

Brisco, Gracia

Codex Alimentarius Secretariat

Cahill, Sarah

Codex Alimentarius Secretariat

Song, Junxia

Animal health

Pinto, Julio

Joint AMR Tripartite Secretariat, Liaison Office in Geneva

Ormel, HendrikJan

Animal health

Reantaso, Melba

Fishery and aquaculture

GarridoGamarro, Esther

Fishery and aquaculture

Gu Baogen

Plant Production

Shamilov, Artur

International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)

Bullon, Carmen

Legal Office

DeBalogh, Katinka

Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) and Subregional Office for the Pacific Islands (SAP)

Mayen, Friederike

Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa (RNE)

Raizman, Eran

Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

Caipo, Marisa

Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC)

Newman, Scott

Regional Office for Africa (RAF), Animal Health and Production, FAO Secretariat to the Africa Tripartite (FAO-OIE-WHO) One Health Regional Coordination Group

Ouoba, L. Irene I.

Regional Office for Africa (RAF), AMR Coordination for Sub-Saharan Africa

Kathiravan Periasamy


Bharani Settypali


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