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La FAO invite les vétérinaires et para-vétérinaires à une utilisation responsable des antimicrobiens

Les antimicrobiens jouent un rôle critique dans le traitement des maladies animales (aquatiques et terrestres). Leur utilisation est essentielle pour la sécurité sanitaire, alimentaire et pour le bien-être des hommes et des animaux. Toutefois, l’utilisation inappropriée de ces médicaments favorise [...]

FAO and WHO meet with the Interagency Coordination Group on Antimicrobial Resistance

Ha Noi, Viet Nam. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) welcomed the Interagency Coordination Group (IACG) on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) delegate at the Green One UN House in Ha Noi, Viet [...]

Increasing threat of animal-to-human diseases – and antibiotic resistance in both – ring alarm bells at international conference

Zoonotic diseases and misuse of antibiotics in animals and humans resulting in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) are converging in Asia-Pacific countries with potential deadly effects, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned today.

In Berlin, FAO and partners call for reduced use of antimicrobial drugs

People take medicines to cure infections or diseases caused by microorganisms. But what happens when the disease-causing germs don’t react, because they’ve become resistant to that drug?

FAO partners with Swedish university in fight against antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance threatens to thrust the world into a post-antibiotic era where today’s life-saving medicines fail. Slowing the development of drug-resistant microbes is the aim of a new partnership between FAO and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Strengthen laboratory capacity in Southeast Asia to detect antimicrobial residue in food product

Antimicrobials play a critical role to treat diseases for aquaculture and livestock, contributing to assure food safety and quality. However, misuse or overuse antimicrobials in aquaculture can be left in aqualtic products, in water and environment resulting in over and [...]

Preserving effectiveness of antimicrobials through safe, prudent use

Antimicrobials are essential in treating human and animal infectious diseases. However, misuse and overuse of antimicrobials result in Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) which make them less or ineffective at treating diseases.  AMR has now been recognized as a significant threat to [...]

High level Tripartite Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance to be held in Cambodia

International and national animal and public health; and environment experts will gather in Phnom Penh for the fifth time to discuss the action plan to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Cambodia.

Indonesia Raising Awareness on Antimicrobial Resistance

This year’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) just ended on 19 November 2017. FAO ECTAD Indonesia, together with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of the Republic Indonesia and other related stakeholders successfully held several events which aimed to raise people’s [...]

La FAO accompagne les acteurs nationaux du secteur alimentaire dans la lutte contre la résistance aux antimicrobiens (RAM)

La résistance aux antimicrobiens (RAM) intervient lorsque des bactéries, des virus, des parasites et des champignons développent une résistance aux médicaments qui avaient été auparavant utilisés pour les traiter. Selon une étude récente, chaque année, environ 700 000 décès sont [...]

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