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抗微药物生物耐药性(AMR)是一项复杂、全球性的挑战,需要各国共同努力打击超级细菌,保护粮食和农业,促进全球健康和繁荣。 本系列是粮农组织的新系列,将探讨世界各地的案例研究,支持各国分享经验(什么有效,什么无效),以帮助加快保护贵重药物和促进可持续农业的全球进展。 请帮助分享这些资源

Antimicrobial resistance policy review and development framework

A regional guide for governments in Asia and the Pacific to review, update and develop policies to address antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial use in animal production


当感染发作、而抗生素(和其他抗微生物药物)等无效时,您所养殖 的整群动物都将因病死亡。 当感染可以在动物和人之间传播时,会危及您和您家人的健康。

Monitoring global progress on addressing antimicrobial resistance: analysis report of the second round of results of AMR country self-assessment survey 2018

In this report, we analyze countries’ responses to the second wave of the tripartite survey and describe the current level of global progress on AMR. We convey progress achieved towards the goals of the GAP across WHO regions and across [...]

FAO/WHO expert meeting on foodborne antimicrobial resistance: Role of environment, crops and biocides

Summary report: In recognition of the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), its increasing threat to human, animal and plant health, and the need for a One Health approach to address this issue, the 39th Session of the Codex Alimentarius [...]
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