Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

(1987) Report of the Twenty-second Session of the Indo-Pacific Fisheries Commission

This is the final version of the report of the Twenty-second Session of the Indo-Pacific Fishery Commission (IPFC), held in Darwin, Australia, from 16 to 26 February 1987. Major topics discussed were: the exploitation and management of marine fishery resources in Southeast Asia, trends of fisheries in the region, the development of fish utilization and marketing in the Indo-Pacific Region, progress in the implementation of the Strategy and Programmes of Action of the FA0 World Conference on Fisheries Management and Development, matters related to functions and responsibilities of the PFC Standing Committee on Resource Research and Development (SCORRAD), future inter-sessional activities of the Commission, subjects for symposia at future sessions and cooperation with other bodies dealing with fisheries in the Indo-Pacific region. A list of the main decisions, directives and recommendations are listed in Appendix D.